Here We Go!

Thanks to a bunch of support and encouragement from many friends and colleagues, I’ve decided to finally create a blog site. Since this is my first time creating one, it will definitely be a work in progress.

My love of nature and the desire to pursue conservation work began when I was very young. I spent countless hours exploring local woods and fields, poking around streams, and flipping rocks and logs for any critter I could find. Summers were spent at a nearby YMCA camp, which I eventually worked at for about ten years. My favorite TV programs were wildlife documentaries and series such as The Crocodile Hunter, Big Cat Diaries, The Jeff Corwin Experience, and Kratt’s Creatures. Before I started college, I had a one track mind with knowing that I wanted to become a zoologist studying carnivores in the field, while educating a fearful public on the vital role the powerful animals play in an ecosystem.

There have been many road bumps along the way with being told that my career goals are either impossible or too hard, that I should just settle for less. I’ve experienced time frames in which I felt stuck, unable to work directly in the field or to study the species that fuel my passion, and I’ve had more than enough moments of doubt. However, that base interest in carnivore conservation always rules out. Life is made up of “seasons”. There’s low points and there’s high points. It’s actually during those low points in which my ultimate career goals have solidified, as I work around various predicaments to do what I can and apply seemingly unrelated projects or experiences back to the creatures that drive me most, carnivores.

And so, I continue my journey, which is currently in studying a little known population of snow leopards in western Mongolia, while figuring out how to work with herding communities. The purpose of this site is to primarily give a home to stories and updates from my field projects, reflections about conservation topics, and musings on observations from the natural world. Enjoy!

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