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Bikes and Bulls

Located 120km south of the Russian border in the northwestern region of Mongolia is the city of Ulaangom. Known for its nearby snowcapped mountains, crystal clear lakes, waterfalls, and mountain springs you can drink from, this was where I ended … Continue reading

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Mongolia is For the Birds

The land of “eternal blue sky” just wouldn’t be complete without its avian inhabitants. With about 60 families, making up 427 species, Mongolia offers a unique destination for bird lovers. Most well known are the Golden eagles, since they have … Continue reading

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“Where’s Waldo”: Mongolia Edition

Mongolia is best known for its wide-open spaces. Standing in the middle of the steppe, you really do get a sense of how endless it seems. It stretches as far as the eye can see until the land and sky … Continue reading

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Scat, Tracks, and Dead Things

Oh, what a lovely thought it is to want to actually catch a glimpse of the elusive species that you are studying after trekking many miles in a remote environment! How grand it would be to be able to get … Continue reading

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