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Family Ties: The Snow Leopard’s Identity Crisis

Based on the name “snow leopard”, one would assume this big spotted cat was a species of leopard, and closely related to Panthera pardus. However, this is not the case. In fact, snow leopards are more genetically linked to tigers! Let’s … Continue reading

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Goat Wars: Phantom Menace

The following is an excerpt from my field journal… DISCLAIMER: Descriptions of fresh snow leopard kill sites may seem graphic to some readers. 2-14-2016 “… We checked the 3 camera traps we set around the 4 goat carcasses from the … Continue reading

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We All Have Mountains

Due to the recent threads on social media ,and articles about early career scientists and potential scientists (such as kids) feeling discouraged from entering science based on the seemingly endless hurdles, I decided to share this post. On the surface, … Continue reading

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