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Adapt and Overcome

I’ve realized that I haven’t posted a new blog in a year, although I’ve at least updated the other pages. The past couple of years have had some major downs with a sprinkle of ups as I’ve had to constantly … Continue reading

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The Tulsi Foundation: Broadening the Definition of One Health

One Health is a multi-disciplinary approach that brings the health of humans and animals together into a broad ecological context. The health of all species is intertwined. Ecologists, veterinarians, and physicians work together to address complex issues regarding habitat use, … Continue reading

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Chasing Ghosts in the Mongolian Altai

Mongolia’s Bayan-Ölgii province is an incredibly remote, but beautiful region of mostly untouched wilderness situated right on the borders of Russia, China, and Kazakhstan. It features rugged 3,000-4,000m (9,842-13,123m) snowcapped peaks, with glacier-fed lakes, rivers, and a large variety of … Continue reading

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Wild Med for a Wild Life

You’re on the last trap of the exhausting day’s trap-line several miles from the truck, and at least an hour’s drive from any sort of civilization. The tell-tale sign that something was caught is seen around where the trap was … Continue reading

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To Survive Living High

From the deepest oceans to the highest peaks, and from the hottest deserts to the Earth’s poles, there is life that has evolved incredible adaptations to survive in their extreme environments… Low oxygen results in a hypoxic environment. Hypoxia occurs … Continue reading

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Family Ties: The Snow Leopard’s Identity Crisis

Based on the name “snow leopard”, one would assume this big spotted cat was a species of leopard, and closely related to Panthera pardus. However, this is not the case. In fact, snow leopards are more genetically linked to tigers! Let’s … Continue reading

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Goat Wars: Phantom Menace

The following is an excerpt from my field journal… DISCLAIMER: Descriptions of fresh snow leopard kill sites may seem graphic to some readers. 2-14-2016 “… We checked the 3 camera traps we set around the 4 goat carcasses from the … Continue reading

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We All Have Mountains

Due to the recent threads on social media ,and articles about early career scientists and potential scientists (such as kids) feeling discouraged from entering science based on the seemingly endless hurdles, I decided to share this post. On the surface, … Continue reading

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Where Snow Leopards & Lammergeiers Reign

Excerpt from my field journal… 2-3-2016 “I woke up early to the young dog I’ve grown quite fond of barking nonstop. That’s when I heard the faint familiar, mournful sounding call of a camel echoing across the steppe in the … Continue reading

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Becoming an Ibex

Excerpt from my field journal.. 1-28-2016 “If I didn’t already from previous work here so far, today was definitely the day where I earned my ibex horns…. Our host used his old, front heavy, Japanese pickup to drive my teammate … Continue reading

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