Kathryn (Katey) E. Duffey


Miami University (2014)
M.A. Zoology
Master Plan: Mitigating human-carnivore conflicts

Malone University (2009)
B.A. Zoo and Wildlife Biology
Psychology minor


The Tulsi Foundation
-Director of Communications, website admin.
-India fieldwork, December 2017: Assist in instructing rangers and Wildlife Conservation Trust staff in trauma training within the cities: Mumbai and Nagpur, and the tiger reserves: Panna, Tadoba, Sanjay-Dubri, Bor, and Bandhavgarh.
-Assist in conducting health checks of rangers throughout the Western Ghats
-Data entry on health and safety concerns of rangers.

Independent Researcher
-Field biologist, snow leopards
-Snow leopard population surveys, scat analysis, and interviews.
-Project partners: Irbis Mongolia, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Green Initiative NGO, and Duquesne University
-Assisting Snow Leopard Conservancy in implementing solar-powered predator deterrents in Mongolia
-Science communication: science writer, social media outreach, wildlife illustrator

William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum  
March 2015-June 2015
Discover World Assistant
Natural history and natural science tour guide
Natural science show presenter
Animal caretaker

Walsh University
July 2012-February 2013
Lab Manager 
Lab coordinator; faculty assistant, and safety manager for biology and chemistry labs
Aid in the development of Environmental Science major

ORCA (Ocean Research and Conservation Association)
July 2012-August 2012
Field Technician (Volunteer)
Collect and organize water quality data from Stark County, Ohio in collaboration with Walsh University

 Malone University
May 2011-September 2011
Animal Care Manager 
Supervise animal caretaker work study students
Coordinate serpentarium tours and reptile shows
Reptile caretaker
Collect genetics data for program director’s Burmese python research

Wolf Timbers    
August 2005- November 2009
Educator (Volunteer)
Public speaker about wolves and wolf conservation
Gray wolf caretaker
Enclosure maintenance
Update computer files on the captive wolves

William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum
September 2005- February 2007
Animal Caretaker
Care for small mammals and birds
Public speaking to tours in animal exhibits

Malone University
August 2005-December 2009
Animal Caretaker
Care for large variety of reptiles and small mammals
Shadow Zoo Biology director in handling venomous snakes
Public speaker for reptile education programs
Pit tag wild N. Water Snakes

United States Geological Survey (USGS)  
May 2009-August 2009
Wolf Technician for Dr. David L. Mech
Trap and process wolves in the Superior National Forest region of Minnesota
Locate two den sites in order to aid in processing wolf pups and implant transmitters
Use radio telemetry to track collared wolves and monitor survival rates of implanted pups
Extensive experience using GPS and navigating through various habitats

Ohio Army National Guard
January 2003-January 2009
– 88M job qualified in Transportation Corps
Security escort machine gunner
Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom II, May 2004-March 2005
Instructor in Chemical Biological Radioactive Nuclear (CBRN) defenses
Combat Lifesaver
Served as hurricane relief for hurricane Gustav and Ike, September 2-21 2008
Team leader


-Collaborating with Green Initiative NGO and Duquesne University’s Dr. Jan Janecka on a snow leopard-One Health project investigating the snow leopard population in the Mongolian Altai, and potential threat of zoonoses to snow leopards (2017-present).

Collaborated with Mongolian Academy of Sciences, and Irbis Mongolia Center to interview herders on livestock losses, as well as collect baseline population data on snow leopards in and around Otgontenger SPA, Mongolia (2014-2016).

Steppe Ecology: Pallas cat ecology in Altanbulag, and przewalski’s horse behavior in Hustai NP, Mongolia.

Undergrad Research: Determining Frequency of Activity of Gray Wolf Pups in Relation to the Presence of a Breeder Using Radio Telemetry.Unpublished.


-ECSI Wilderness First Aid Instructor (11 January, 2018)
-Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certified through Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI)
PADI Certified Open Water Diver
PADI Specialty Diver for Manatee Awareness
Level 1 certified in QHEI Stream Health Assessment


-2017 recipient of the inaugural Mandy Hagen spirit award presented by the Tulsi Foundation to an outstanding individual displaying determination in the field of human wildlife conflict.


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-Continued education. Introduction to Psychology in Extreme Environments. 2018.

-Consulted for, and quoted in, National Geographic article One Snow Leopard Needs a Protected Range Bigger than Aruba.

-Untamed Science Crew member. 2016-present.

– Advisory board member for Canton South High School’s Animal Science career tech program. 2015-present.

Outreach on field work on wolves and snow leopards to Canton South High School, Animal Science classes. 1 September, 2015.

Special mention in Saving Snow Leopards Report. Mongolia-home of sacred mountains and snow leopards., 31 May, 2015

-Project Coyote education booth at community Earth Day event, 2014