This page is an easy access portal for links to various publications and side projects I’ve done on my own or in collaboration with someone else. If they are connected to another blog or website, please explore the work on those as well!

For Untamed Science

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-Science writer. (2016). Manul: Pallas’s Cat.

-Science writer. (2016). Trophic Cascade Basics. Illustrations also my work.

-Science writer. (2016). Snow Leopard: Ghost of the Mountains. Also includes the snow leopard and ibex anatomy drawing within it.


-Interview. (2018). Q&A with Katey Duffey about the Tulsi Foundation. The Jaguar and its Allies. 

-Guest blogger. (2018). Living Alongside Wildlife. Is This a Wolf or Coyote?

-Guest profile. (2018). The People and Nature Connection: Featured Expert, April 

-Guest profile. (2017). Faces of Fieldwork. Really ‘Dig’ Tracking Snow Leopards

-Guest blogger. (2017). Dispatches From the Field. The Challenges of Tracking a Ghost Cat.

-Consulted for, and quoted in, National Geographic article. (2016). One Snow Leopard Needs a Protected Range Bigger than Aruba.

-Interview. (2015). Interview With Snow Leopard Researcher Katey Duffey.  The Jaguar and its Allies.

-BBC Wolf Photo Contest. (2015). In Pictures: Your Wolf Encounters.

-Duffey, K. (2015). In Search of the Mountain Ghost. Zoomorphic Magazine, Issue 1.

-Guest blogger. (2015). Fantasy to Life Series. The Biologist Apprentice. The blogs I wrote for this were themed off of the sagas Game of Thrones and Middle-earth. Taking creatures from those worlds and relating them to real life animals. Don’t forget to check out the other blogs themed off of Harry Potter by the author/operator of the site!!
The Real Direwolves
The “Great Eagles” of Planet Earth
The Not So “Itsy Bitsy” Ice Spiders of Westeros
Going Batty for Megabats Out of Middle-earth
An Eastern White Dwarf: Elephants of Volantis and Borneo
Oh, Deer! Here Comes Thranduil on His Megaloceros giganteus
Everyone is “Raven” About Westeros!
The Peculiar Proboscids of Middle-earth and Prehistoric Earth

-Special mention in Saving Snow Leopards Report. Mongolia-home of sacred mountains and snow leopards., 31 May, 2015

-Guest blogger. (2014). Studying Mongolia’s “Ghost Cat”. Snow Leopard Conservancy.

-Interview. (2009). Whispers with Wolves. The Suburbanite.